Medical Acupuncture in Rye

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Medical Acupuncture

Medical Acupuncture is performed by a licensed physician, using a combination of Western medical training through US medical schools and the medical tradition found in classical Chinese acupuncture. Western Medicine practiced in the United States and Europe uses an anatomic, metabolic and structural approach to the function of the human body. Traditional Chinese medicine uses an alternative functional approach using the flow of electrical energy along differently described meridians throughout the body.

Dr. Tobin trained at the Helms Medical Institute in Berkeley, California in collaboration with UCLA in 2007. The Helms Medical Institute teaches traditional Chinese Medicine to licensed physicians in the United States. This practice of Medical Acupuncture incorporates traditional Chinese medicine as well as modern Western medicine into a Medical Acupuncture practice. Dr. Tobin has practiced Medical Acupuncture in the Seacoast since 2007.